About us

Welcome to Altyc Inc. – Körber™ Master Distributor and Support Center for Europe

Directly or through our partners in multiple European countries we deliver:

  • Leading Logistics Software – Körber™ WMS, Körber™ Suite of Supply Chain Products and other software solutions to effectively manage your distribution business;
  • Logistics and Warehousing Consulting Services – business process review, your warehouse or distribution center operations review and analysis with recommendations on how to effectively organize your warehousing business;
  • Software Implementation and Support – Directly or through our local partners we provide software implementation services. Altyc Inc. is Körber™ support center for European partners and customers providing support on the same time zone.

Altyc Inc. staff has 15+ years’ experience in logistics software industry. This allows us to deliver high quality software and services to our partners and customers. Multiple customers in many European countries spanning from England though Central and Eastern Europe to Russia are using Körber™ software solutions for many years. With Körber™ WMS and other software solutions Altyc Inc. addresses the needs of following industries – distribution, third party logistics, freight forwarding.