Altyc Inc. is pleased to offer its customers and partners supply chain execution solutions from leading global logistics software provider Körber™. Several thousand companies globally are using these solutions: warehouse management systems (WMS), third party logistics (3PL), fleet management, transportation management systems (TMS), electronic data interchange (EDI), retail store operations, automated barcode data collection, parcel shipping, transportation optimization and supply chain business intelligence.

Körber™ supply-chain execution solutions, which Altyc Inc. is offering to its customers, are easy to customize and implement, providing more innovation for less investment and producing significant savings and greater profitability. This ensures the balance between customer satisfaction, employee productivity and shareholder value and results in quick return on investment for customers and their clients.

  • Solutions built on a highly evolved adaptable architecture
    • Deep core “pillar” applications, like:
      • Warehouse Management
      • 3rd Party Logistics
      • Transportation Management
    • Extension apps that enhance the value proposition, like:
      • Supply Chain Intelligence
      • Document Imaging
      • Appointment Scheduling
    • And, platform features, like:
      • Workflow
      • Reporting
      • Events and Alerts