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A suite of solutions aimed at driving rapid return on investment to companies that manage inventory, either on their own or their client’s behalf

Körber™ One Essentials are supply chain solutions that extend the power of your WMS by providing specialty toolkits to address specific supply chain needs such as business intelligence, integrated shipping, or quality control. Each of the essentials products is available to WMS users running the Manage or Fulfill editions.

  • Simple, familiar operations for the corporate user;
  • User adaptability tools;
  • Cloud and virtualization;
  • Information transparency;
  • Comprehensive security.


Körber™ One Pulse

The business intelligence application allows you to leverage extensible dashboards to deliver actionable information to the right people in the most effective format.

  • Dashboards;
    • Delivering Key Performance Indicators that allow you to drive your business;
    • Real-time, Operational and Strategic KPIs;
    • Open database option allows you to build a corporate dashboard including all of your key data;
  • Pivots;
    • Similar to an Excel Pivot Table;
    • Directly connected to Pulse data sources;
  • Alerts;
    • User defined thresholds against your choice of business process information;
      • Delivered through texts and emails;
      • Leveraging the workflow adaptability layer;
  • Cloud publishing and delivery;
    • Discover new dashboards and KPIs via the Körber™ Cloud Discovery System;
  • Pulse Mobile Share the intelligence with mobile employees;
    • Android and iOS;
    • Tablets;
    • Smartphones.


Körber™ One Ship

The integrated multi-carrier shipping system helps you reduce shipping costs, improve reliability, track every shipment, and maintain valuable key performance metrics.


Körber™ One Image

Enables the user to convert paper documents and forms into a searchable, digital format.

  • Integrated Document Imaging System;
    • Allows you to upload, track and retrieve documents;
    • Utilizes metadata to improve your ability to find key documents quickly and easily;
    • Delivered with a set of “standard” associations;
    • Leverages OCR to automate the “paperless” migration;
    • Integrated with Report to automatically create and associate PDFs of selected documents and reports;
  • Cloud publishing and delivery;
    • Discover new image templates via the Körber™ Cloud Discovery System;
  • Adaptability layer allows personalization;
    • User definable alerts;
    • User definable integrations;
      • Types of documents;
      • Specific software systems to be associated.


Körber™ One Optimize

Combines load building optimization, scheduling, and routing decision support for least cost shipping enabling 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to maximize the effectiveness of their freight spend.


Körber™ One Schedule

Provides a set of tools to help you cost effectively automate your manual appointments.

  • Automates a traditionally manual process
    • Improved efficiency;
    • Increased asset capacity utilization;
    • Decreased carrier rates;
    • Compliance scorecards;
    • Carrier/vendor self service;
    • End to end process visibility;
  • Adaptability layer allows personalization
    • User definable resources;
      • Track dock doors, material handling equipment, trucks, drivers, crews, etc
      • Establish capacity constraints and attributes for each resource
    • User definable alerts;
    • User definable data extensions;


Körber™ One Inspection

Allows companies to automate their inspection routines for trailers, raw materials, kits, or products for resale and distribution. Helps ensure all criteria are met prior to receiving or shipping product.

  • Extensible inspection process builder
    • Base upon random sampling, percentage, etc;
    • Define questionnaire with weighted values;
    • Determine process steps based upon pass/fail;
  • Fully integrated images
    • Build an inspection based upon an image;
    • Require the capture of an image as part of an inspection;
  • Cloud publishing and delivery
    • Discover new inspection templates via the Körber™ Cloud Discovery System;
  • Adaptability layer allows personalization
    • User definable alerts;
    • User definable data extensions;
  • Inspection Mobile
    • Bringing the questionnaire process to the floor in a very intuitive way;
      • Mimics the familiar “instant message” paradigm
    • Available from the Microsoft Store for Windows 8.1 tablets;
      • Windows Phones coming soon
    • Available on Körber™ One Platform;
      • Android and iOS
      • Tablets
      • Smartphones