Körber™ One Platform

The Körber™ One Platform is the foundation for all of the Körber™ solutions, which Altyc Inc. is offering to its customers. Platform provides a rich set of functionality for things like User and Role Management, User Experience Configuration, Data Searching, Solution Deployment, and a wide variety of other important capabilities. Platform functions as a composite application framework. This means that user interface and user experience are the same for different products customer might be using.

Platform provides very wide level of flexibility in designing a user experience focused on:

  • Driving productivity through better organization
  • Improving consistency and thus simplifying the learning curve for new users
  • Assembling a broad array of applications needed to meet your unique requirements

Platform uses the latest in Microsoft technology to deliver a rich user experience in a browser-based solution and, provides a deep set of services like Localization, Authentication and Printing that forms a solid foundation for growth. Key Platform highlights are below:

  • Advanced Workflow Engine;
  • Handheld Design Toolkit;
  • Enterprise Scalability;
  • Rich, Interactive User Experience;
  • Flexibility in building the system as per customer’s needs;
  • Rich Configuration Options.